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Brass Hose Barbs Fittings

Hose Barb fittings are parts which are generally machined and threaded out of brass rods. They are used for attaching and securing of hoses and their piping. The barb-like rings on the cylindrical piece allow for an easy push-connection of flexible-plastic or rubber tubing that is not so easily disconnected. We do manufacture them in Dry seal threads.

Our barb fittings are available in a wide variety of configurations in a number of styles including tee, connectors, crosses, swivel, and universal. Barb sizes can be mixed on the same fitting for applications requiring multiple tubing sizes.

Elbow Hose Barbs Elbow Hose Barbs Straight Hose Barbs Straight Hose Barbs
 Tee Hose Barbs Tee Hose Barbs